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How We Got Here
A tech company with no business cards, no website, no logo and no social media presence (back then, anyway!)


Founded as Tiny Tech Stuff, providing tech accessories to the market… but the market was saturated and the concept didn’t quite work.


Through word of mouth, potential clients continued to cold-call and request help to set up their homes. From Tiny Tech Stuff, the company evolved to Tiny Tech Solutions. It was a company providing technology servicing and consultation with no business cards, no website and no online presence.



The realty arm of the company was born. An existing client approached the company looking to sell a house that TTS had set up. The real estate agent had no idea how to sell the house with all the cool, hip, integrated tech. TTS rebranded as Mighty Technology Consulting (MTC).



With the “on-boarding” of a new partner in 2018, the company added additional digital services to its repertoire.



Finally, the company took the next step in its evolution and decided to design a logo, create business cards and set up a social media presence.

Technology Consultant




Digital Consultant

 Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-308 Marina Square, Singapore 039594

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